Woman mortgages jewellery to ICICI bank, gets fake ornaments on loan repayment

Picture for representation (Photo: Reuters)

Already in news for all the wrong reason, the ICICI bank has given one more shocker. The Saket Branch of ICICI bank tried to give artificial jewellery to one of its customer who had taken a loan of Rs 14 lakh against original jewellery of over Rs 40 lakh.

Mansi Singh, a resident of South Delhi has filed an FIR against ICICI bank with the Delhi Police in which she has alleged that the bank has stolen her original jewellery against which she took loan and after repayment of loan the bank handed over fake artificial jewellery.

“On March 3, I went to ICICI bank Saket branch to release my jewellery and deposited the complete loan amount with interest to the bank. Firstly bank tried to give me artificial and fake jewellery forcefully weighing approximately 660 gm (22 bangles and 9 chains) and the same jewellery was clearly denied by the bank’s evaluator as well that he did not evaluate the jewellery and the jewellery is fake,” reads the complaint letter by Mansi Singh, a copy which is available with India Today.

According to Mansi, while taking loan from the bank she handed over 21 bangles including two diamond studded bangles having a value of approximately Rs 35-40 lakhs.

“The bank issued a sanction letter dated 28 February, 2017 in my name which contain 21 broad bangles and 16 chains have been against loan of Rs 14.07 lakh which was availed by me the tenure of 12 months,” said Mansi Singh.

Upon the completion of tenure of loan, Mansi along with her sister on March 3, 2018 reached ICICI bank’s Saket branch to close the loan and take back the jewellery.

“After completing all the formalities, the bank handed over a packet of articles. Upon checking the articles, I was surprised as the articles were not the same which were mortgaged by me, in fact the articles given to us were different in number as the sanction letter contained that 21 broad bangles and 16 chains whereas the bank of returned 22 bangles and 9 chains. I immediately pointed out the same and made a complaint to the bank officials however the bank official to convince us that it is the same packet of articles mortgaged by us. I refuse to accept the same immediately and informed Delhi police,” said the complaint Mansi Singh.

A gold evaluative, present in the bank, after examining articles in the said packet declared the jewellery was indeed fake.

According to Mansi, bank asked for time to inquire. After no progress was made, she lodged an FIR with Delhi Police on May 2 against the bank. The bank has assured Mansi that they are looking into the case and said the jewellery might have been replaced.

Commenting on the incident, ICICI Bank assured that they are looking into the matter. “The matter has been brought to our notice. The Bank is extending full cooperation to the Police investigation. We are also trying our best to ensure that there is no inconvenience caused to the customer,” the bank said in a statement.