The True Value of a Neighborhood Car Wash

Constructing a neighborhood car wash is an often overlooked business opportunity that can be a literal gold mine. Everyone loves to have a clean car, but California is restrictive on doing this task at home. Below are some of the valuable attributes of owning and running a local car wash.

Self-Service Convenience and Affordability

Coin-operated self-service car washes are a fast, convenient way for community members to get their car clean at any time of the day or night. This is helpful for those that work night shifts and only available during times that most businesses are closed. The price for cleaning the car is affordable, which is why you will enjoy plenty of repeat customers.

Custom Detail Service

Proving a car wash that handles the finish details by hand will draw in many of the more finicky customers that are picky about how their car looks. This is a great client base that will keep the money flowing through the doors if you hire detail-oriented people that do a good job. Many people love the old-school way of getting personalized service.

Environmentally Friendly

Many communities and Counties in California are cracking down on washing vehicles in the driveway of residential homes. There is a lot of water wasted when the garden hose is left to run as the vehicle is scrubbed. Water saving technology used in the construction of commercial car washes helps save this valuable resource.

Provide Local Employment Opportunities

You will become a valued member of the community by providing local employment opportunities. This is especially true if you offer hand detailing. It will be a real boost to the local economy. It also provides management opportunities and employs those that service and clean the premises.

Community Involvement

You will be one of the first people the community turns to in order to hold a car wash fundraiser. This is an excellent way to show the community that you care and want to be involved. You can also make the first move and let local organizations know you are interested in helping out this way.

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