Small-cap stocks gaining momentum while rates stay low

Small-cap stocks and funds that track them have started to outperform, and it might be connected to the Fed’s downward revision on 2016 rate hikes. Prolonged periods of low interest rates tend to benefit smaller companies with cheap debt on their books.

The impact of cost of living increases during Americans’ retirement years could be overhyped. Turns out that big spending increases in retirement aren’t as common as they’re made out to be.

Tips from a CFA exam writer on how to be in the 42% that pass the Level 1 portion of the test. Don’t get bogged down focusing on memorization and formulas.

Fed presidents got a 4% average salary increase in 2015, following a 6.6% pay raise in 2014. Fitting since they spent much of 2015 calling for U.S. workers’ wages to rise.