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Every organization, obviously, is made up of all kinds of constituents. Most live in surrounding areas that are reasonably close by, have roughly the same backgrounds, and share many other similar characteristics.

Rocketship Education’s twenty-one, non-profit schools are each located as far west as California’s Bay Area peninsula, east as the country’s capital, north as Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and even as deep in the Southeast as Nashville, Tennessee.

Back just over one year ago, California’s San Jose area was subjected to a substantial flood. Those that live near the city likely cringe with sadness and ruined potential when they hear of or simply remember the Coyote Creek Flood of February 2017.

Hundreds of permanent residents’ places of living were either completely swept away or otherwise enduringly damaged. One of the families living near Coyote Creek went to a Rocketship Education school – the mother, Dulce, recounted her story late last year.

Immediately following the start of the flood, Dulce, her husband, and child Cesar – the Rocketship Education student – were all forced to flee to a higher elevation. Fortunately, the family had a vehicle to drive out of the expanded Coyote Creek’s immediate area, though they weren’t so fortunate when they returned to the area just days later.

Why not?

Dulce, Cesar, and family were able to evacuate, how can’t they be fortunate?

Unfortunately for Cesar and crew, the family unit lost its place of living. Fortunately, however, a nearby church and Rocketship Education’s administration collectively gathered up roughly $60,000 for families like that of Dulce and Cesar who took permanent residency near Coyote Creek.

That money went to Cesar’s parents, not to mention the other 29 households of Rocketship Education students from the area.

This is just one of many examples of how an organization like Rocketship Education takes care of its students and their parents or guardians. For this reason and many others, Rocketship Education’s schools altogether boast a whopping 90 percent retention rate.

About The Nation’s Best Charter School System

In 2006, an idea for a nationwide nexus of charter schools was born by early childhood educator Preston Smith and technology, software, and device mastermind John Danner. Both living in the San Jose, California, area, the pair joined forces after Preston had realized there weren’t nearly any solid choices for elementary school.

Mr. Preston Smith – he’s the contemporary President of the Rocketship Education system – started the network’s very first location in a tiny San Jose church, initially with fewer than one full classroom’s worth of children. Over the years, Rocketship Education has grown into having a whopping 21 individual locations, all spread throughout Washington, D.C.; California, particularly the cities of Palo Alto, Concord, Antioch, and San Jose; Milwaukee; and Nashville, Tennessee.

Throughout the years, Rocketship Education has collectively served over 15,000 students, the vast majority of which hail from low-income families, even though their standardized test scores beat the proverbial socks off of nearby private school enrollees’ scores.