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Manufacturers everywhere depend on some form of connection to their clients and third-party contractors, and with every ounce of reliance on networking comes an equal and opposite risk of a security compromise. This could happen to any part of the system: Clients could lose their precious personal information, vendors could act as catalytic vectors for malicious entities to gain leverage on the system, and the technicians who manage the back-end have countless entry points to look after in fear of either situation.

What’s really opened up the possibility of a breach somewhere is too much access. Clients are sometimes given more power than can be safely offered while some companies run with multiple third-party servicing agencies counting from 25 all the way past 200. Then, the internal technicians have to account for the plethora of access points that these vendors use to gain footing into the system, and it’s suddenly apparent why hackers love this kind of overly complex setup: It’s like the Baskin Robbins of entryways to the private information of individuals on either side of the manufacturer’s metaphorical fence line.

Protecting Businesses Everywhere

What many manufacturers are doing to skirt around this unfortunately common issue is employing a third-party security company such as OneLogin to take over the networking aspect and pare the system down to a unified, single sign on implementation that secures every client, vendor and internal associate with a one-size-fits-all conduit and multifactor authentication to boot. This slims down on the number of potential entry points that malicious outsiders can get a leg-up on while simplifying access for trusted users.

With the recent concerns that have been raised over layer-zero exploits in chipsets, the potential for a breach only gets more severe as back-end managers move up the chain into the more obvious and easily compromised aspects of a computing network. Every business worth its salt these days will be involved in one way or another; that’s just the magic of the Internet. It’s the information superhighway, and it’s difficult to replace it with organic means of communication in an increasingly tech-dependent world.

What the Numbers Mean

The reason vendors, businesses and clients are coming to trust OneLogin to securely mediate their communication with one another is due to the sheer numbers that come down on businesses that haven’t padded their armamentarium and sandpapered the rough edges out of the metaphorical fuselage of the IT spectrum. For example, 90 percent of the data breaches that occur to manufacturers end up costing more than $190,000, and that’s just a minimum estimate. It only goes up from there with the remaining 10 percent of incidents claiming damages in excess of $750,000.

When 10 percent of the manufacturers out there rely on more than 200 vendors to handle their various outbound services and quality assurance checks, it’s a little easier to see why services like OneLogin are important. Another 33 percent falls on more than 25 such vendors for similar purposes, which is a staggering figure on its own. The remaining 57 percent keeps it beneath these figures, but they’re not necessarily safe — just a little less likely to be hit. These days, everyone is a target, and breaches are expensive no matter what business is involved.