Listen: How to talk to kids about careers and let them explore choices freely

child career

What would your child grow up to be? It is a question that worries many parents, who want their kids to pursue the right career. So, how does one start having the conversation about it with kids?

Parent and professor of psychology Tanu Shree Singh said in an episode of Difficult Conversations with your Kids, “The conversation happens right from the beginning. It is never too early but the seriousness changes with age.”

It is not necessary that your child will choose a career and stick to it. As a young boy or girl, your child is gradually being exposed to the world which can also influence the choice. “The career choices will always start off wildly. It’s perfectly fine. The idea is not for us to set goals for them. Give that choice…The other thing is not to discount the choice as frivolous. You know it that very soon the child will grow out of it,” said Tanu Shree.

Parents naturally want their child to be happy and flourish, but in a way that they comprehend success. And so, when their child announces the desire to pursue something completely out-of-the-box, he or she is ridiculed. Money too becomes an important criteria for selecting a career option. Tanu Shree explained, “Why do we feel that money is the essence of happiness? Yes, money is important. It’s much tougher to go against that tide and let the child explore their passions, make some mistakes and then make their way.”

“More than the right career choice, it is more important I feel to equip them to make those choices,” she added.