Careers Australia collapse stuns Perth students

Students stand outside the Perth campus of Careers Australia, reading a notice in the window.

Students at Careers Australia’s Perth CBD campus said they received no warning the company was in trouble, and no notification the campus would close.

Several students arrived at the Perth campus on Wellington Street this afternoon to prepare for exams, only to find the doors locked and a notice from administrators PPB Advisory.

The future of more than 15,000 students’ futures are up in the air, after Careers Australia closed 14 campuses around the country.

The group has ceased all operations while its financial position is assessed, with work placements and apprenticeships immediately suspended.

Students gathering at the Wellington Street campus said they had no warning about the closure.

Jye McCarthy said he had heard about the closure from a friend, but thought it was a joke.

“A buddy of mine told me this morning, and I looked on the website and it just said the library was closed,” he said.

“I told him I would come down and have a look, and lo and behold, here it is.

“I’m not sure what to do now.”

Mr McCarthy said a lot of his friends would not be aware of the campus closure, because there had not been any communication from the company.

“None of us have got any emails about this,” he said.

“Not a single thing. No emails, no text messages.”

“Usually what they do is they send us a text message, but we haven’t got any text message telling us about anything like this,” said another student who had arrived to study for exams due to start on Monday.

“They should have told us because we have exams this coming Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday as well.”

A letter to students, posted in the campus window, said the company would provide outstanding certificates and statements of attainment, but did not provide a timeframe.

The Department of Training and Workforce Development said approximately 600 students had been affected by the closure of Careers Australia in WA.

In a statement it said a number of processes had been put in place to support those affected.

[Source:- abc]