Cafaro Greenleaf Offers Investment Selection and Monitoring Report

Advisory firm Cafaro Greenleaf launched its new reporting system, Fiduciary Fit.

The system will allow retirement plan fiduciaries to have access to the complete documented process of their investment selection and monitoring, and also provide clients with fiduciary protection. Documentation of the process includes an explanation of the patented rating methodology used to evaluate candidate investments, a record of key input parameters, and rating results.

Fiduciary Fit is customized to each fiduciary by incorporating both what is important to it and its plan’s unique demographics into the analytics. The system engages fiduciaries and advisers throughout the process, allowing them to see their plan investments and understand why each fund is becoming more or less aligned with their needs.

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Clients will be able to become completely involved in their investment process, to track the progress of their investments, as well as learn about them. The unique system provides clients with complete visibility of their funds, along with any investment risks throughout the process. In addition, clients will receive quarterly reports that rate all of their investments and the entire plan.

Jamie Greenleaf, Cafaro Greenleaf’s lead adviser and principal says, “When an individual goes to a financial planner, [the planner] asks lots of questions to understand [the person’s] needs. This enables [him] to design the most appropriate investment recommendations specific to [the] individual. The next generation of selection and monitoring investments for retirement plans should also strive to provide the same level of diligence for plans. We are excited to present our clients with Fiduciary Fit to engage them throughout their investment process!”

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