How to Arrange Your Rummy Hand like an Expert?

The game of rummy is easy to understand. The rules are simple and anyone can get the hang of it easily. However, it is not easy to be an expert in rummy. This requires time, efforts and experience in playing the game. There are some things about rummy that only people understand over a period of time. We have listed out a few habits common in most expert rummy players that you may try to cultivate in yourself as you play:

  1. Order of Arranging Cards

An expert player of rummy understands the need for arranging the playing cards in a proper order. The first thing he does as soon as he receives the cards in his hand is to arrange the cards in a proper order. He will put aside the jokers to one side of the hand. After that, he will see if there is any scope for a natural sequence. A natural sequence could be formed with number cards or face cards.

A pro card games player will keep all cards in the order of their value collecting same signs together. This will simplify making sequences. The cards that do not form a part of sequences or sets are kept to the other side to be disposed off as the first opportunity comes.

  1. Life as Priority

A good rummy player understands that unless you form the life, there is really no use forming sets. If someone else wins in this duration, you may lose a full hand and 100 points or 80 points maybe counted for you based on the variation you are playing. That is why, whether an expert plays a 13 card rummy game or a 10 card games, he will first try and make the life. Thee life means two the two sequences, one pure and one real.

  1. Ways of Disposing Cards

If you are good at Indian rummy, you will know that your aim is not just winning but also not letting others win before you. At some point of time, you will surely make a rummy but that isn’t enough. If you dispose off cards that your opponent requires, you will help him make his hand sooner. That is why you need to observe what cards the opponent is disposing as it will give you a hint about the cards in his hand. It will give you an idea which cards to dispose and which cards to hold on to.

  1. Wise Use of Joker

In the game of rummy, there are basically two types of jokers. One is the joker that already exists in the deck as jokers and blank cards. The other is an arbitrarily pulled out joker from the deck. You may use both these jokers in your online rummy circle, to complete sets as well as the real/artificial sequence. An expert knows that he should not keep the jokers stuck at the very beginning. He will arrange the cards in order but fill the gaps with jokers only once the pure sequence has been formed.

  1. Trick of Disposing Joker

There are times when a joker may become a burden and holding onto it may prevent you from creating a pure sequence. This is one of those occasions when you have three or more jokers. As an expert you know that completing the pure sequence is your top priority. If you are holding on to a joker, and it prevents you from achieving this end; you must dispose off the joker. Not everyone has the courage to do this but sometimes it is necessary to win an ultimate rummy session.

  1. The Right Time to Pass

If you receive a very bad hand and you feel you will lose the game for sure, it is best to pass at the very beginning of the game. The 20 or 25 points penalty based on the variation of the game will be charged. It is still wise to pass. An expert may even consider passing half way through a rummy online session, if his chances of winning are bleak.

So if you want to play rummy and arrange the cards in hand like an expert, refer to the above-mentioned tips.